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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Country Introduction i made during 1st Regional Road Safety Youth Assembly, Oman.

Assalamualaikum, selamat pagi and a very good morning to all participant and guest for road safety youth assembly.
I'am mohd hafiz ali and my collegue norazle, we are from Malaysia. This is our country attire for eid fitri and while marriage.
First i would like to send and appreciation to the government of Oman, Oman road safety association the organizer to invite us as a participant in this global youth assembly. Its an honour to us.
Malaysia is an amazing truly asia country. Its has a nice and beutiful view. The populations is 27 million people. Area of malaysia is about 330 thousand square km. And we have about 122 thousand km of road in rural and urban area. And we have 772 km long highway with a natural amazing views of trees, mountain and fountain. But still the behavoiur and attitude of the driver cover all the statistic car accident in malaysia. And in 2010 its about 6,872 died in road crash and its about 40% of them are youth. That why, I hope with this pleasure experiance and connection with all the participants, we as malaysian would like to take a first step by creating youth road safety organization in malaysia an move forward for a better way and prevent from such a big statistic of damage from the accident. And i'am seeking for help from all of u expecially from an experiance organization like YOURS, ORSA, OMANI YOUTH AMMBASADORS FOR ROAD SAFETY AND GRSP.

We can make a different.

And for ur information, we bring with us some of flyers about our road safety programme. Hope u can get it. Its in the table at the corner.

Thanks you, terima kasih.

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